Volunteer Policy

The Pulaski Animal Center requires certain rules, guidelines and policies to be followed and upheld by all volunteers. Volunteers must be at least 13 year of age to volunteer, and have written permission from a custodial parent or guardian if below the age of 18. [PAC Pals work in conjunction with parents].

The facility as a whole should be kept clean and tidy; with even greater care in areas accessible to the public, both inside and outside the facility. Disposal of used products shall be in the appropriate recycle or trash bins.

Weather permitting, all dogs are expected to be walked daily. Please make sure you can handle the dog you plan to walk BEFORE heading out the door. Dogs are to be walked in designated areas only. All feces must be picked up in plastic bags.

Absolutely NO alcohol use, smoking, drug use (unless prescribed) or weapons are allowed at Pulaski Animal Center.

Respect others property here at The Center. Stealing will result in immediate banning from the The Center and possibly charges being filed.

You and your behavior are reflections of Pulaski Animal Center. You are expected to present yourself in a professional manner to your fellow volunteers and to the public while at the facility. Inappropriate language, attitudes, drama or disrespect towards PAC directors, co-volunteers or the public will not be tolerated.

Our volunteers are our greatest asset. We thank you for sharing your time, talent and treasure with Pulaski Animal Center.

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