Volunteer Shift Procedures

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  • Morning shift -If dirty/soiled laundry is in basket by washer, start washer at beginning of shift. Evening shift – check washer for laundry to be put into dryer – fold and put away laundry when finished. Do NOT leave dryer running if you are not in the building.

  • Feed all animals according to instructions on kennel and give fresh water. Collect all empty dog food bowls and wash. (NO bleach when washing food bowls!!)

  • Mop all kennels during the morning shift, and mop as needed during the evening shift. Use bleach solution [bleach to line on measuring cup per mop bucket] /or/ Odoban solution [¼ cup per gallon in mop bucket].

  • Prep to clean cat kennels:

    • Mix a bleach solution of 2 cap fulls of bleach to bucket (use bucket marked BLEACH).

    • Line a bucket with double plastic bags to hold scooped litter.

  • Using a fresh scoop per kennel, scoop all litter boxes. Put scooped litter in bucket with liner and when all litter boxes have been scooped, seal bag and dispose of properly in trash cans outside of Center. Put used scoops into bleach bucket to soak. Wash scoops and dirty litter boxes AFTER all dishes have been washed.

  • Exercise all animals – Walk dogs, and play with cats. Clear all play yards, walking areas, etc. of feces. If you have extra time provide extra exercise and play or brush the animals.

  • Sweep floor

  • Hang all leashes and harnesses on the correct pegs in the dog room.

  • Secure all kennels – make certain no signs of urine or feces remain in any of the kennels.

  • Make certain all doors are securely closed, latched and locked.

  • Give treats then lights out!

  • Sign out

  • Securely close, latch and lock last door

If you see something that needs to be addressed –

please leave a note on the desk in the office.

In case of emergency call:

Becky Zellers – 574-595-0592 or Cathy Moss – 574-270-0323

REVISED 1/25/2017

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