Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I find a stray animal?

  • First call the non-emergency Pulaski County Sheriff number:
    • 574-946-6655
  • The sheriff will notify the Animal Control officer
  • Animal Control will pick up the animal
  • The Animal Control officer will then check to see if there is room for the animal at the PAC center.
  • If there is no room at PAC, or the animal is deemed not adoptable (poor temperament, fatal illness) the Animal Control officer will deal with the animal’s placement.

What is the adoption policy?

  • Visit the center in person
  • Fill out an adoption application
  • Have the application approved by the acting director
  • Pay the adoption fee – non-refundable — should you change your mind this will become a donation to PAC!
  • The animal will go home when available depending on the animal’s circumstance – spay/neuter surgery, meds, etc.

What are the fees at Pulaski Animal Center?

  • Effective June 6, 2016-

  • Animals that are adopted in an unaltered condition will be charged an extra fee which will be refunded once proof of spay/neuter is returned to the animal center.
    DOGS – The fee for an unaltered dog will be $100. Pulaski Animal Center will continue to pay for the spay/neuter and once proof spay/neuter has been done is presented to the center, $25 of the $100 fee will be returned to the pet owner.
    CATS – The fee for an unaltered cat will be $50. Pulaski Animal Center will continue to pay for the spay/neuter and once proof spay/neuter has been done is presented to the center, $25 of the $50 fee will be returned to the pet owner.
    As always the fee for a spayed/neutered dog will continue to be $75, and the fee for a spayed/neutered cat will continue to be $25. (see below)

  • The adoption fee for a dog is $75.00

    • includes neutering and all vaccinations plus micro-chipping

  • The adoption fee for a cat is $25.00

    • includes neutering and all vaccinations

  • The owner surrender fee is $40.00

  • The owner reclaim fee is $53.90

What is the difference between PAC and Animal Control?

  • While both PAC and Animal Control seek to keep strays off the streets, it is the mission of the Pulaski Animal Center to prevent over population – we neuter and spay animals in our care and find loving homes for adoptable animals.  Our adoptable animals stay in the center until they find their forever home.  We are not, however, a rescue organization and lack both the funds and manpower to be such.
  • The mission of Animal Control is to remove feral and stray animals from the streets.  While the two work in conjunction when possible it is beyond the scope of PAC to house every animal picked up by Animal Control.

What is the capacity of the Pulaski Animal Center?

  • The center is limited by the number of volunteers as well as the number of kennels.  While there is room for up to seven dogs and ten cats, caring for those animals by cleaning cages and feeding on schedule take a concerted effort.  More volunteers would allow PAC to house more animals.  If you would like to become involved as a PAC volunteer, please contact the center.

How is PAC funded?

  • PAC is currently funded through donations, fundraising and grants.  We welcome all donations and consider any amount generous.

Do you spay and neuter the animals in your care?

  • Yes, PAC firmly believes in controlling pet population.  Stray animals pose a real problem in many parts of the county. They can prey on wildlife, cause car accidents, damage the local fauna and frighten children. Spaying and neutering packs a powerful punch in reducing the number of animals on the streets. Every year, millions of cats and dogs of all ages and breeds are euthanized or suffer as strays. These high numbers are the result of unplanned litters that could have been prevented by spaying or neutering. –

Why should I adopt when I can just get a free animal?

  • If you take a look below, you will see that an animal you could get for “free” really costs you more than an animal you would adopt from PAC.  Using a dog as an example…
    • Price for pet=                  Free                 $75
    • Initial Vaccines*                 $45                 included
    • De-Worming*                    $15                  included
    • Heartworm Test*               $35                 included
    • Flea Treatment*                  $25                included
    • Microchip*                          $40               included
    • Neutering*                           $75               included
    • Total Cost                           $235                $75
    • Estimated vet costs


Do you require fenced in yards in order to adopt?

  • No.  However, we want to ensure that the adoptive family will provide proper exercise and spend time with their animal.

Can we keep our adopted dog or cat outside?

  • Currently, most of our animals are to be adopted as inside pets.  When providing outside time for an animal, we ask that the owner be with the animal or provide a safe location where the animal can be left to exercise with minimal supervision.  Animals should not be left for prolonged periods of time outside without food, water or shelter nor should they be tethered for extended periods of time.
  • Outside adoptions will only be considered based on the breed of the dog or cat and will require a home inspection to determine the suitability of an outside adoption.





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