Fundraising & Items For Sale


PAC’s new Schwan’s campaign began on July 11.   The campaign is simply named “FIX”.  This campaign is designed to earn additional monies for spay / neuter of PAC’s animals prior to adoption.  It’s VERY simple…all you have to do is reference our campaign ID (27890) at checkout when ordering Schwan’s products for home delivery.  Please click on this link:
The first 45 days of the campaign (July 11 – August 25),  is the critical earning period.  During this time, PAC will earn $10 for any $25 e-gift certificate purchased and 20% of any food order placed. The remainder of the year (August 26, 2016 – July 10, 2017), PAC will earn 5% of food ordered placed .  Best part is…IT COSTS YOU NOTHING!!!   It’s simply the Schwan Company’s way of giving back to the communities they serve.  All you have to do is reference our campaign ID # 27890 at checkout when ordering on-line or by phone.  Here’s a view of the screen you need to see at checkout:
Inline image 3
Select “I would like to contribute to a new fundraiser” and enter our campaign ID code (27890).  It’s that simple!!



We have handmade Cat/Dog beds for sale at the center. $15 for small & $20 for large. Our furry friends love them



T-Shirts$15 * Hoodies $30 * Bracelets $2 All proceeds benefit Pulaski Animal Center

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