Dogs – updated 7/29/2021

Max -posted 1/27/21
BYRON -posted 7-22-21

50 responses to “Dogs – updated 7/29/2021

  1. Is Jack still available?

    • Sorry, he was just adopted this week. The web page only has a weekly update. We currently have Lucy, a coonhound; Sebastian, a boxer mix; and Chip, a fox terrier.

    • Hi Courtney, I know this is from March and you already received a reply, but Jack was adopted by myself and my family. We absolutely adore him and he is doing great! His name is now Pooh Bear since he wouldn’t respond to Jack and surprisingly responded to his current name. I just thought since you were interested in him that you would maybe like to know about his life now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • We are looking for a friend for our bulldog. We also need a cat friendly dog Between 40-60lbs we have the perfect home to add a new member to the family we live in the country on two acres lots of room to run. Can you please send me pics and Info on any dogs you think will fit with our family. Thank you so much the trusty family Ps we love bully breeds but any breed will work male or female

      • Laura- Dozer is not cat friendly. We do have a dog named Domino that might fit the bill. We are open tomorrow 8-12 and 2-6. Please call 574-946-0265 as CATHY or Ryan can assist you better than me.

  2. I was wondering if you can tell me how old Sebastian and Chip are, and if there are any pictures of them. Thanks

  3. I am very interested in the great Dane puppy! Please contact me at 1-574-933-3555. Thank you!

  4. Is willie housebroken? Good with cats?

  5. I was wondering if happy was still available for adoption I was interested in him if still available I would appreciate a call back if available my name is Rob .Thank you

  6. Is Margie still available?

  7. would like to know about gus he looks adorable in photo

  8. Is Lilly still available for adoption? Is she spayed and up to date on shots?

  9. Has belle been adopted?

  10. Is Arline still available?

  11. We are looking for a small house dog. We had to have our Pom, Yorkie mix put down first of the year. We would like to find a puppy or a very young small female.

  12. Do you guys have any puppy pitbulls if not could u keep a eye out please

  13. Sandy Henderson

    Is Sophie still available? Can you tell me more about her? How old? What breed?
    Thank you

    • She IS still available. Went home with one of our volunteers for an overnight and did very well. She is part cattle dog. I am guessing 2 yrs. old. Please call 574-946-0265 for more information. Thanks!!

  14. I am looking for a little lap dog. I am semi retired and lost my dog after 14 years.

  15. Cindy Feitshans

    When do you up date your adoptable dods?

  16. Is scout still needing a home?

  17. Is Zoe still available? If so is she good with other dogs?

  18. Is Duke still looking for a good home?

  19. I am looking for an adult/senior dog; 20 lbs or less. Mix breed chihuahua, dachshund or any dog meeting this size need. Please contact me . Senior to rescue a senior. I was at your facility about 2 weeks ago. Bobbi Ware

  20. Do you still ha e aldo

  21. I am looking for my next rescue after losing my Shih Tzu on Christmas Day. I have 2 cats. Can not have any bully breeds. Would prefer small – medium size, but not against a bigger dog, must love car rides & getting spoiled. Do you have any dogs that fit my criteria? Thank You

  22. There was a post yesterday on Floyd Group about a dog named Layla who is currently in a foster home but will be returned to you for adoption. Can you tell me whether she is still available and if so, when can she be adopted? Thank you for your reply and for everything you do for the animals.

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