Cats – Updated 2-13-21

Our cats and kittens are spayed and up-to-date on shots. There is a $25 adoption fee – if the kitten is too young to be spayed/neutered you will be charged and additional $25 that will be refunded once the kitten is spayed/neutered.

HANK -Posted 1-26-21-Adoption Pending
DAKOTA-Posted 1/26/21-Adoption Pending
Margaret-posted 2-13-21
Morgan -posted 2-13-21
Maddie-posted 2-13-21
Buttercup -posted 2-13-21

17 responses to “Cats – Updated 2-13-21

  1. Yesenia Gonzalez ( Yessie)

    I’m looking for a white kitten can you guys please let me know when you guys get one please:)

  2. Looking for a white cat

  3. Wanda L Ratcliffe

    Iam looking for 2 missing grey tabby cats were do i look

  4. Christina didion

    What cats do u have for adoption

  5. Were interested in a kitten, do you have kittens?

  6. I would like to adopt Georgie please.

  7. Are lucas or jerry still available?

  8. Is Jenny or syliva still available? I am interested in her
    And are you open on Sunday?

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