In January 2012, a core group of Pulaski County animal lovers committed themselves to the construction of an animal shelter to serve Pulaski County.  At that time Pulaski County did not have an operational animal shelter.  Our group is committed to addressing the problem of stray, lost and abandoned animals in our community.  Our first goal was the establishment of a  shelter within Pulaski County, and we have worked tirelessly to accomplish this important first step.

The Pulaski Animal Center (PAC) was created as a non-profit organization.  We filed for 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the state of Indiana, and established a board of directors, adopted by-laws, drafted a mission statement, and formed a partnership with the Pulaski Community Foundation.  The original board members were:  Karen Shidler, president; Lisa Traylor-Wolff, Monica O’Connor, Christine Smith, Jaime Keller, Chris Mills, and Olivia Taff.

The Pulaski Animal Center has been established to save the lives of lost, abandoned or surrendered animals.  We will humanely care for animals and facilitate the return of lost animals.  The Pulaski Animal Center will work to educate our community and raise awareness about the humane care of animals, prevention of cruelty to animals, and control of pet overpopulation

Pulaski Animal Center is an animal shelter,  and should not be confused with Pulaski Animal Control.

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  1. Will you take a kitten from White County?

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