Thanks to all who made our annual fundraiser great!!!

Our list includes, in no particular order, the following-Knights of Columbus, One-Eyed Jacks, Tone Bones, Greenmark, Stock & Field, Paul & Brenda Gilsinger, Brian & Tracy Harper, Tom Jones, Brent Frain, French Lick Resort, Ruff Family Farms, John Zahrt, Roth Brothers Jewelers, Gil & Joyce Vallis, Marcia Dulhantu, Flirt Boutique, Jarrety’s, Green Oaks, Rochester Bagels, Ace Hardware, Friends of Tippecanoe State Park, The Gray Mill, Larry Pachniak, Dewan Davis, Braunability, Goble Heal Chiropractic, Rochester Glass, Ryan Robinson, Indigenous Designs, Sublime, Opera House Floral, Miller’s Store, Tippy’s, Howard’s Marathon, Sallie’s, Poblanos, Headlines, PizzaKing, Healy’s, Sam & Carol Marks, Napa, WROI, First Federal Savings, Bidders, Buyers, Attendees. 💐😊

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