February/October spay/neuter program…

February and OCTOBER spay/neuter assistance program…..

To get to the information and participate, one needs to go to:


Click on “our programs” and scroll down to the “February / October Program” and click on “click here to participate” and complete the form. Participants receive an application form to complete and a list of participating veterinarians (Dr. Sam / Monon Vet is a participating clinic). One simply contacts the veterinarian to schedule a spay / neuter for their cat or dog in the month of February or October. The spay / neuter cost runs $35 – $50 for cats and $40 – $60 for dogs (cost depends on spay vs. neuter and if this animal is in “heat”). This is an AMAZING program and leaves little excuse for one to not spay / neuter their pet.

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