GUS  is a one year old border collie mix. He is an exuberant frisbee loving boy. He is super sweet and smart.  Gus does not like to share his toys or time with other dogs  and would be best as an “only pet”.  He is housebroken.

4 responses to “PET OF THE WEEK

  1. Why do you people keep trying to get us to join facebook?We older people dont want any thing to do with it Wont be helping you until you stop.

    • Mr. Meyer,
      We are NOT trying to get you to join Facebook. We truly don’t care if you use Facebook. That is why we post animals on BOTH this website and Facebook—your choice. I have explained this several times. You may help us or not, but any further comments on this issue will be deleted as they simply have no merit and we have explained this more than once.

  2. I would love to see pictures of Gus I’m very interested I would love to meet him

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