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  1. my name is sharon wheadon i use to work for dr.rausch and dr.hines in knox i would like to vol 2 hrs a day 1574 223 7854 in live in rochester ind

    • Sharon. That is WONDERFUL news. The center is open 8-2 Tuesday through Saturday, and a cleaning crew on Mondays from 8-10. I assume you would want Monday through Friday and we would LOVE to have a dependable person. You will need to fill out a volunteer form. These can be picked up from the center or downloaded from this site. THANK YOU!

  2. I seen the volunteers needed and would like to volunteer to help out. I can help out on Sundays twice a month.

    • Stephanie, this is WONDERFUL news. The center has two shifts on Sunday…8-10ish and 5 – 7ish. Are you wanting morning or evenng? Please fill out a volunteer application (available under the volunteer tab or pick one up at the center) as soon as it is returned we will get you on the schedule. THANK YOU!

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