•  PAC will provide returnable live trap(s) upon request/availability
  • Assistance is for FERAL (not domestic) animals
  • Certificate(s) will be available at DAVIS VETERINARY SERVICE, Winamac
  • Spay/neuter at NO cost to participant
  • Participants will be responsible for
    • Trapping
    • Scheduling surgery (574-946-6344)
    • Delivery (8:30 – 9:00 AM)
    • Pick Up (2:00-4:00 PM)
    • Safe care and release AFTER surgery
      • water/limited food
      • secure overnight confinemenet
      • animal release
    • Returning trap(s) to PAC or PAC Personnel
 We appreciate your support and would like your assistance in spreading the word about this opportunity. Please call 574-946-0265 for additional information,

2 responses to “PAC / SNSI 2016 GUIDELINES

  1. I refuse to have anything at all to do with facebook so why keep trying to get me to join.

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