It’s time for Pulaski County residents to join in the effort to help fight the problem of pet overpopulation. Thanks to a grant from the Pulaski County Community Foundation and the professional services of Davis Veterinary Service; Pulaski Animal Center is here to help!

Introducing ”Operation FIX”.

Pulaski Animal Center is hoping to raise public awareness about responsible pet ownership. The sad and unfortunate truth is that every year, 8-12 million companion animals enter our nations’ shelters. Pet owners have within them, the power to make a difference in reducing these staggering statistics by spaying and neutering their pets. Due to misguided beliefs about spaying and neutering, far too many pets are continuing to multiply, creating thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens. These unwanted animals either die painful deaths on the streets or end up in overburdened community animal shelters where some are fortunate enough get a second chance while others are euthanized due to overcrowding.

The facts about spaying / neutering your pet are simple:

Specific benefits for pets include:

  1. Reduced risk to some forms of cancer and other medical conditions
  2. Elimination of many types of objectionable behavior
  3. Reduction of urine odors and spraying
  4. Elimination of bleeding which occurs during the heat period

Specific benefits for our community include:

  1. Reduced numbers of accidental breeding
  2. Reduced numbers of stray, homeless and unwanted pets
  3. Reduction in numbers of dollars spent caring for unwanted, abandoned and neglected pets.

Pulaski Animal Center received a generous grant from the Pulaski County Community Foundation to provide Pulaski County residents education and access to affordable spay / neuter / microchip procedures for their pet dogs and cats. In cooperation with Davis Veterinary Service, beginning January, 2015 through October, 2015, Pulaski Animal Center will be offering reduced cost spay / neuter / microchip dog and cat certificates. These certificates are for Pulaski County pet owners on a “first come – first serve” basis. With this certificate, spay or neuter and microchip for your pet is only $50! Contact Pulaski Animal Center at 574-946-0265 and ask for “Jaime” to request a certificate (limit 2 per household). Due to limited staff and volunteers, you may need to leave a message. Calls will be returned in the order received. The certificate, once issued, is good for 30 days. If unused prior to expiration, the certificate will be returned to our balance of remaining certificates and offered to another Pulaski County pet owner. Call today for information and to take advantage of this generous offering.

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